Elice and Eustachio projects derive from careful tinking about desig, new technologies, childhood education and sound universe.

Elice is a project described in Bachelor Thesis in Product Design by Gilda Negrini: “Elice. The sound factory. A project betwen design, music and new technogies: sound composition for child”

Eustachio for the Thesis of Riccardo Vendramin: “Eustachio. Make your own music! Designing of a rehabilitative tool for exploring the world of sound by preschoolers.”

This two Thesis born as a unique project for the developing of an educational game that focus on creation of synthetic sound for Eustachio, and exploration of sound environment for Elice. They are developed to create a musical game different from the usual games.

Elice and Eustachio give rise to completely new, free and innovative gaming experience. Children can explore the universe of sound in a completely different way and become the real stars of the creative process. Thanks to Elice and Eustachio, children themselves can create sounds to use for their games: ranging from sounds of nature to those of the city, up to synthetic ones.

Il Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto collaborated with designers designing and producing the electronic part of the two projects and the two tablet apps, with an iterative approach to getting a functional prototype as close as possible to the final product.

Elice ed Eustachio win the Targa Giovani price in the 2016 edition of ADI’s compasso d’oroThese certificates include a selection of 10 projects Italian design schools students as best examples of how to train future designers in Italy



Gilda Negrini e Riccardo Vendramin




Elice & Eustachio