For the second edition of 8208 Lighting Design Festival we renew the collaboration with Daniela Di Maro (The Synergic Garden e Mellifica) developing Inner Voice inside the amazing place of Porta Torre in Como, that host the installation Limen for the 8208 LDF edition 2016

The installation intends to create a relationship between the interior and exterior of the city, using Porta Torre as a space-time “pass” and crossing the border between inside and outside the city center. Passers-by are establishing a cause-effect relationship, animating the tower of sounds and colors. Next to the entrance arc, a wide microphone was placed. The surrounding noise causes the white lighting of the tower, changing its intensity. A few meters away from Porta Torre, are placed two microphones that control the directional RGB headlights, inside. Passers can then interact with the installation, talking and singing in the microphones so as to break the contact between the tower and the exterior and change the color of the tower, according to their voice. The user thus becomes involved in the installation, collaborating with other users and establishing communication that gives color and life to the city.

We has dealt with the electronic component and software that allows the translation of the sounds into lights, we used the same principle with which we developed Croma adapting it to the variability of the human voice, and by operating a signal processing that takes into account the energy of the voice in various frequency bands. In a simpler way, we have instead elaborated the signal of the external microphone, controlling the intensity of white light.

CONCEPT: Daniela di Maro
INTERACTIVITY: Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto
SOUND DESIGN: Massimo Scamarcio
LIGHTS: All Party Service


Daniela Di Maro




8208 LDF 2017