An OLO Creative Farm idea, an installation that exited Como citizen during 8208 Lighting Design Festival.

Limen is the treshold of mutation, home of the transformation from static to dinamic, from stone to life aura,
where the past and the future are in contact in a light that is present. Limen, the threshold for the ancient Romans, the beginning, the principle, offers a new interpretation of a historical monument of primary importance for the city of Como.

Seven lights from the characteristic very defined light beam, illuminate some mirrors placed on the floor creating a bright reflections game, in various directions, inside the tower. Thanks to special sensors placed on the floor, the viewer, passing through the door become protagonist.

Each light also match the sound feedback, which added to each other produce a soundtrack always new for each different interaction. The sound of light is, in this case, the sound of energy source that produces it, the silent mass of the medieval tower becomes a sounding board of sounds picked up by the city’s streetlights. This creates a dynamic light and sound dialogue between viewer and installation. As in a theater stage, the majestic tower is revealed in a new light over the eyes of the spectators.

In this project we dealt with the interactive part and DMX interface, but it was a work in concert between all actors to carry out, in few time, an exciting installation that would fit the needs of Porta Torre, managing to enhance it.

Lots of photos and videos shot by passers-by as this one. Also lots of times through the tower door, we found people playing with the lights, and despite the cold weather.

CONCEPT: OLO creative farm
INTERACTIVITY: Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto
LIGHTS: All Party Service


Porta Torre – Como




8208 Lighting Design Festival 2016