The installation is composed by a wood hexagon covered by beeswax, from which unravel countless copper wires, intertwined according to the geometrical scheme given by the shape of a beehive’s cells.

Copper wires, energy’s conductors, allow to flow the electricity produced by the underlying solar panel that stores a videoprojection’s light rays. These rays, through a specially designed circuit, are transformed into different sounds, then issued by the buzzers.

All sonorities, extremely variable according to the brightness acquired by the solar panel, are designed to reproduce in a synthetic manner the hum produced by bees’ flight.

Mellifica forms part of a series of works that finds their core assets in the ecosophical thought, focusing on bees’study as fundamental subjects for the whole ecosytemic balance and essential to the proliferation of life on the planet.


Daniela Di Maro




Daniela Di Maro – Mellifica