Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto supported for the seconf year some young artist (Massimo Colombo, Brian Burgan, Giuliano Anzani, Sergio Longhitano) in the realization of exibithion “Chiavi di lettura” during 2015 edition of book fair  Parolario in Villa Olmo, Como.

Thi s project was a multimedial path developed to engage e drive the users trough an abstract interpretation of reading as an intimate gesture, and, at the same time, irrepressible creator of images and essential source of knowledge. Inspiring to “Color of Beauty”, Parolario 2015’s theme, Villa Olmo’s roomswas transformed by installations the represents the power of words: reading as a generator of infinite nuances and interpretations of beauty; color as a reflection of the emotions; shape as representation of experience



Villa Olmo, Como


19.06.2015 > 27.06.2015


Chiavi di Lettura