“Cuprum” is an interactive installation by Daniela Di Maro, the result of a research on the relations existing between natural processes and the opportunities of a technological progress. Her experiments lead to a strong connection between the dynamics of nature and the potential of the technologies of the last century.

Cuprum, scientific name of copper, isn’t just the revelation of the metal constituting the work, but it’s the synthesis of the relationship between nature and technology; excellent electricity and heat conductor, copper becomes the means to fuel an electronic circuit powered by light and pitched by the presence of an audience. The represented plants are unique in their characteristics: they possess curative and therapeutic properties but, at the same time, they are lethal to humans if used improperly.

The artwork has been exposed from 9th March 2012 to 12th April 2012 at the Dino Morra Contemporary Art Gallery in Naples.


Dino Morra Contemporary Art Gallery, Naples


09.04.2012 > 12.04.2012


Daniela Di Maro – Cuprum