Harp is one of the oldest musical instrument and also one of the most unchanged over the centuries, because of its characteristics that have made it difficult for a revival in a modern way.

He needed a luthier with years of experience making baroque harps, and with a strong innovation ability to give a new life to this instrument. Dario Pontiggia is the inventor of Stealtharp, a project  we fell in love with right away and we have seen it grow.

Met by collaborating on other Croma, we have developed for his new harp a little pre-amplification system, designed specifically for the forms and the simplicity of Stealtharp.

Thus was born StealthAmp, according to the harpists who have tried, true, powerful and practically invisible.

Using StealthAmp Stealtharp allows you to play in an unconventional way, exploring the world of percussion and wind instruments and making a “sound laboratory”. A single tool that it collects many more and allows a new type of acoustic expression.

We like to think that it will be a small revolution in this world, if this is the result..


Dario Pontiggia






First prototype


Second prototype