Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto worked again with the artist Daniela Di Maro, for “The Synergic Garden”, an installation submitted to the “Talent Prize” in 2013.

A selection of plants coexist in a symbolic garden – realised embroiding copper wires on a tile – in which flows a synthetic lymph, sunlight generated. The synergy of all the elements involved makes the garden a self-sufficient organization able to start a process of “artificial photosynthesis”, absorbing energy and giving it back as sound. As a proper circulatory system, the embroided copper wires serve as connection between the light, collected by solar panels, and the sound created from litlle circuits and modulated by light intensity. Here again, as in “Cuprum”, the represented plants are unique in their characteristics: they possess curative and therapeutic properties but, at the same time, they are lethal to humans if used improperly.

Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto built circuits and selected the sounds with the artist, harmonizing them for a background sound.


Daniela Di Maro




Daniela Di Maro – The Synergic Garden